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Women are dumpster diving to find, sell cheap designer cosmetics online

Posted at 7:34 PM, May 13, 2019

Women are using Facebook and online merchandise venues to sell well-known cosmetic brands at discount prices, but buyers beware of the bargains.

Brittanie Masters, an Arizona mom who's making extra cash by selling makeup online, says she started several months ago and she's made up to $450 in one day by auctioning foundation in a Facebook group.

"So I was selling them anywhere from $7 to $15 apiece, but a lot of ladies on the Facebook page are selling for a lot more," Masters said. "Brand new I think they’re $39."

Masters said women are attracted to the black market to get good deals, but they also risk getting swindled. She explains the products being sold can be counterfeit, previously used, or even pulled from a beauty store's dumpster.

So how is it getting from the trash to online marketplaces? Some women are dumpster diving for makeup either for personal use or to sell online.

"It’s not as crazy to me anymore because people will sell the stuff and make a lot of money, and if something's discontinued they could jack up the price twice the amount of retail for a tester that’s half-full," Masters said.

Masters said the best way to check for fake products is to compare with something you purchased from a respected retailer.

She recommends looking at the label for misspellings, double-checking product size, and using your nose. Sometimes fake makeup smells like chemicals or cleaning products.