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Zoo in Australia now home to a 14-foot crocodile

Posted at 11:10 PM, Oct 03, 2019

Dangalabba, a nearly 14-foot Estuarine Crocodile, has now made its home at the Perth Zoo in Australia after being rescued after officials feared for the crocodile's safety.

Dangalabba was rescued from a crocodile farm in Broome, Australia, which is clear 1,400 miles from Perth. Dangalabba then made the journey to the Perth Zoo in a climate-controlled truck.

"Dangalabba’s move to Perth was no small feat," the Zoo said. "It was planned to precision and involved a climate-controlled truck to keep the crocodile as happy and comfortable as possible, whilst a roster of truck drivers drove continuously so we could complete the 2000km+ journey quickly and safely."

On Thursday, Dangalabba jumped into his pool, which is kept at 80 degrees.

The Perth Zoo said that the the Estuarine Crocodile was hunted intensely and was listed as a threatened species. It has since been removed from the threatened species list in Australia.