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Fate of Lordstown GM plant could cost school district thousands

Posted at 6:07 PM, Nov 29, 2018
and last updated 2019-03-06 12:34:00-05

The fate of the Lordstown General Motor's plant could cost the school districts hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Superintendent Terry Anderson said the district will lose $800,000 per year if the plant closes. That is 10 percent of the budget. 

The money comes from property tax revenue from General Motors every year. 

After first and second shifts at the plant were cut, the district also opened up a clothing bank and a food bank. 

“We got rid of student fees to try and help those families seized. We got rid of student fees to try and help those families. Illuminated those a couple of years ago. We eliminated paid to participate so they didn’t have a cost to participate in sports," Anderson said.

There is no plan for how the district will make up for lost money. For now, they are just hopeful good news is soon to come. 

Tiffany Williams is a fifth-grade teacher at Lordstown Elementary. Her husband has worked at the plant for about 18 years. Without that job, she said they will be forced to leave. 

“It means everything to us. Without the plant, without this job, we won’t have much," Williams said. 

She's not the only teacher impacted in the district. 

“Our faith is our faith is definitely going to get us through this because, at this point, you can’t count on companies. You can’t count on a product. I mean, we are hopeful," said Mindy Moyer's, who also works for the district. 

Moyers' husband has worked at the plant for 18 years. She's hopeful her husband would be able to relocate, but that means leaving both of their families behind. 

The Lordstown School District is offering to counsel to families in need during this time of limbo.