NewsChannel 5 reunites man looking for CLE woman

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 21, 2016

What started out as a woman lost and looking for directions, has now turned into a special friendship.

Last night on NewsChannel 5, we told you how a writer in Virginia met a woman from Cleveland and was so taken with her spunk and personality that he reached out on Facebook to see if anyone could help him find her.

With help from our viewers, we were able to track down Anita Hughes. She is an amazing woman who was thrilled that we wanted to help."Yessss! Yessss!” screamed Huges as we sat on her front steps.

Early this afternoon, I told Anita that the mystery man who gave her directions when she was lost in Virginia was looking for her. She couldn't contain her emotions. "He would not let me get lost. He was so, so nice. It's an honor, a privilege. I am just so elated. I cannot believe I'm on the news,” said Hughes.

His name is Jason F. Wright.  After giving her directions, he snapped a selfie of the two in front of a 7-Eleven store, but he never got her name. He posted on Facebook about wanting to see her again.

So later this afternoon, we got them together. “Sooooo good to see you,” screamed Hughes as she saw her new best friend through Skype.

"I honestly never thought there was any chance that we would be able to connect again,” said Wright. “I'm just thrilled. Technology is a great blessing."

Now there are plans to get together again. This time in person.

"One day we're going to get in the car and come see you. How about that?" asked Wright through Skype.

"When? When? You know I don't have directions!” Hughes said with big laughs."

The long, touching post Wright put on Facebook has since been shared more than 220 times.

All of this is a big turnaround for Hughes who told us, at one point in her life, she was afraid to go outside. "Sometimes people can hurt you,” reflected Hughes.

But something told her she should take that drive all by herself to a gospel concert in North Carolina. “Just take this trip. Step out of the box. Don't be afraid."

She said it was divine intervention that she got lost and met Wright.