Northeast Ohio woman to rescue more greyhounds after Florida bans racing

Posted at 10:43 AM, Nov 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-26 09:43:37-05

Some call it a sport, but others consider greyhound racing deadly. The sport made national headlines after Floridians voted to ban racing. 

Voters passed Amendment 13, which ends greyhound racing by 2020. 

The founder of Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, Linda Perko, started rescuing greyhounds years ago. It started in 1993 when she made an appearance on News 5 for her love of pups. 

“We wanted to tell people how great Greyhounds were because back in 1993, you didn’t see them anywhere," she said. 

After bringing her greyhound on the morning show, she received 300 calls with questions on rescuing. That's when she decided to launch Greyhound Adoption and Rescue of Ohio. 

Since inception, she's rescued about 2,000 dogs. 

With the passing of Amendment 13, Perko said folks in Ohio will feel the impact. 

“For those dogs that will no longer be bred, they need a place to go," she said. 

Some of those dogs leaving Florida will make their way to Ohio. 

Animal activists say greyhounds often experience pretty bad injuries from racing, including broken necks, legs, and cardiac arrest. 

While breeders and racers are often portrayed in a negative light, she said they are going to be hit hard. 

“There are people we work with who have had racing in their families for generations. Virtually, their businesses will be worthless," she said. “Some of the kennels are cleaner than my house."

It's going to take some time to feel the impact. Greyhounds will still race across finish lines for two more years. 

There is a downside. 

“By virtue of the fact that it takes a dog about two years from the time they're born to the time they race, many of the moms that have been used for breeding will no longer be bred. By attrition, there will be far fewer greyhounds in two years than there are now," she said. 

If you want to adopt, Perko will have 10 dogs coming from Oklahoma on Monday that will be up for adoption.