Numerous Parma Heights residents robbed at gunpoint, police now investigating four incidents

Posted at 9:04 AM, May 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-11 09:28:11-04

Police are investigating four robberies that occurred in less than a week in Parma Heights. The most recent incident happened Wednesday afternoon.

Parma Heights Police said the first three robberies happened at apartment complexes. However, the fourth robbery happened at a local Walgreens. According to police, a man came walking into the store, demanding cash. He handed the cashier a note saying he had a weapon.

Police are now looking into whether these four cases are related.

The first robbery happened on Sunday. Three women were reportedly robbed at gunpoint by three men with semi-automatic handguns at Hidden Cove Apartments.

The men took off with their cell phone, car keys, purse and wallet.

Later that same day, police said the three men robbed another man there in the parking lot. They stole his cell phone and vape pen.

“I did notice that there was more police presence here lately I just didn't know why, so now I know why,” said Rachel Moore, neighbor.

Many of the neighbors said they were unaware and shocked.

“We should've been notified as soon as they were made aware that something it happened,” said Moore.

In response, the apartment manager saying he's looking into how the management team wants to move forward.

My boss will be back in town tomorrow and then I'm going to run all this by him and see how he wants to go about it,” said Lawrence Jones, the apartment manager.

The third robbery happened early Monday morning at Big Creek Apartments and Townhomes.

The man told police he was robbed at gun point. The robber took off with his cell phone.

The management team sent us this statement:

“The safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority.  We regret that this incident occurred and are unaware of any other altercations of this nature happening in our community.  We sincerely hope that the perpetrator(s) of these incidents in the Parma Heights neighborhood are swiftly brought to justice.”

Christine Venaleck
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Police said they don't know for sure if all of the robberies are related, but called the timing and location -- suspicious.

All of the robberies happened near Pearl Road and Stumph Road in Parma Heights.