On Your Side Investigators debunk new $600,000 Cleveland roads report

Posted at 5:55 AM, Feb 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-30 10:17:11-04

It's a roads report that the City of Cleveland told us was accurate. City leaders even delayed its release for months because they wanted to get it right.

The report was released last week and the On Your Side Investigators are already finding problems.           

After debunking a street conditions report that was released in 2009, we have questions about the latest report.

News 5 randomly chose five streets of the 89 roads rated a perfect 100 in the study. However, the very first street we checked on Wain Court from East 103rd Street to East 105th Street has cracks all over, mud everywhere and large potholes.

One is so big, On Your Side Investigator Jonathan Walsh could lie down in the pothole with room to spare.

"It's definitely not 100," said resident Ieisha Poss, who works in that neighborhood. "It's closer to about a zero."

We told her the city hired an engineering firm for $600,000 to grade all of Cleveland's streets. When she saw Wain Court's rating, she was frustrated.

“Tax dollars being wasted or not being used properly,” Poss said. 

There were more problems on the east side — this time on East 17th from Walnut Avenue to Payne Avenue. It’s rated 100 but there are all kinds of cracks, bumps and utility cuts. Clevelanders were surprised.

"I would give this street maybe a 60,” said life-long resident Byron Jones.

Another man named Jim, who didn’t give his last name, said handing that stretch of road a perfect rating is a stretch.

“That’s a tough sell,” he told us.

Meanwhile on the west side, Tyler Avenue gets a 100 rating from West 130th all the way to, what the report said, was West 130th. There's also a whopping 20-foot asphalt bleed from the paving of West 130th. News 5 Investigators attempted to make sense of how the street was graded and which segment was surveyed, but it did not add up. 

News 5 also visited the top 5 worst rated streets in the study. We found Bates Avenue from East 77th Sreet to East 78th Street is basically an extension of an old parking lot. It's blocked by barriers and has no semblance of a street. However, engineers spent time grading it.

It's all enough for Clevelanders to send a message to the street evaluators.

"If you're going to grade it, make sure it's up to par and that it meets the standard that you say that it's at," Poss said. 

We reached out to the City of Cleveland about what we found last week, but we still haven't heard back.

And now, we want to hear from you. Are there any issues on your streets? We want your help putting the city's grading system to the test by using our interactive map with the new 2017 condition ratings. You can find out what grade your street got, and then tell us how you'd grade your own. We'll follow up.