Broadview Heights homeowner worries about property value after plan puts home between apartment complex and planned townhomes

Posted at 8:01 AM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 18:20:41-05

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — One Broadview Heights property owner is asking for help after his property was seemingly cut out of the most recent plans for a proposed townhome development.

The trees next to Mathew Fiala's Broadview Heights home hide a problem as intimidating as a forest.

"I think it'll totally just devalue my property because I'm left on an residential island on a special planning district," said Fiala.

A little more than a year ago, developers came to Fiala with plans showing his property would be included in a new townhome development called The Ledges.

It would be on 16 acres, made up of four parcels of land, including Fiala's.

"I supported the project because it was including my property," said Fiala.

Fiala says he understood those were the plans when Broadview Heights voters approved a zoning change to make the town homes possible.

But a few weeks after that vote, new plans came out.

"The developing company submitted plans that cut my property out and was only using three of the four parcels now, leaving my parcel basically on an island," said Fiala.

Without any explanation, the 16-acre project was down to nearly 13 acres and Fiala's skinny plot of land, roughly 100 feet wide, was no longer included.

That means if the townhome project is built, he'll be sandwiched between 36 townhomes to the west and 206 apartments to the east.

"I think it'll totally devalue my property because I'm left on a residential island in a special planning district," said Fiala.

Councilwoman Jennifer Mahnic brought up similar concerns at a Growth, Planning and Zoning Committee meeting over the summer. Zoning Committee Chair Councilman Brian Wolf told News 5 over the phone that the city isn't getting involved because they say this is a dispute between two private parties.

That leaves few options for Fiala.

"I'm just going to keep listening to figure out what to do to get myself some help," said Fiala.