City Council looking into development plan that would put home between apartment complex, townhomes

Posted at 8:47 PM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-23 08:10:13-05

BROADVIEW HEIGHTS, Ohio — The Broadview Heights City Council is looking into development plans that would leave a resident's property sandwiched between an apartment complex and townhomes.

During Wednesday's meeting, council members said they were aware of resident Mathew Fiala's issue and that they have questions before the project is built.

The Broadview Heights Planning Commission approved preliminary plans for a proposed 36-townhome development called The Ledges.

The early versions of the Drees Homes project included four parcels of land. After voters approved a zoning change to make the project possible, updated plans no longer included one parcel, owned by Fiala.

If The Ledges is built, it would leave Fiala's skinny plot of land between a 200+ apartment complex and 36 townhomes, which he fears would diminish his property value.

Broadview Heights At-Large City Council-member Joe Price told the Planning Commission that he takes issue with the fact that the plan has changed, making it seem like voters were shown one plan to get them on board for the zoning change before the most recent plans were released.

Price and council-member Tom Pavlica say City Council expects to have a say over the project moving forward, assuming it successfully gets through the long approval process with other city commissions.

Drees Homes Land Acquisition Manager Thomas Sutcliffe declined to talk about why one parcel was dropped from updated plans, saying that Drees believes it is a civil matter.

He directed News 5 to the Drees Homes corporate office in Kentucky, who did not immediately return a request for comment Wednesday night.

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