The Hermit Club is considered one of the biggest secrets in Cleveland

Posted at 9:56 AM, Dec 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-26 17:28:09-05

CLEVELAND — Tucked away between the Hofbräuhaus and Playhouse Square, there’s a Cleveland gem you might not have heard about until now.

"The Hermit Club is one of the biggest secrets in Cleveland. A lot of people don't know what this is all about,” said Doug Amberman, president of the Hermit Club.

Founded in 1904 by Cleveland Architect Frank Mead, the Hermit Club is the nation’s oldest private club devoted to performing arts.

"This is wonderful association, not just for displaying your talents- but for interaction with friends," said Jim Mason, a Hermit Club board member.

The club has roughly 100 members who pay dues and meet regularly for concerts, orchestra performances and other events.

"You're meeting in one of the most delightful historic buildings in Cleveland," said Amberman.

The Tudor-style building serves as the home of the club that much like downtown itself in recent years is trying to preserve its history all while reinventing itself.

"It's important because Cleveland is the leading, outside of New York, theatrical community for the performing arts. This is part of it and it's a legacy that needs to continue," said Mason.

Once a mysterious place that few heard of, its secret is shared.

"The motto of the Hermit club is Yeve, shared the best—meaning you've come together and you've shared all the best things," said Amberman.