Tuesday is Northeast Ohio’s most productive day out of the week because we’re too chatty on Monday

Posted at 7:12 AM, Nov 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 07:12:36-05

CLEVELAND — For most of the United States, Monday is the most productive day out of the week, but according to Robert Half, a national staffing firm, people in Northeast Ohio veered from the norm.

The company surveyed people throughout the country and the majority of people in Cleveland said that Tuesday was their most productive day in the office.

Forty seven percent of people blamed their lack of productivity on overly-chatty coworkers.

“We are talkers in Cleveland,” said Alan Reisinger from Cleveland’s Robert Half office. “Monday people want to chat about their weekend. They like to talk about how Baker threw for four touchdowns and we got a win or just our weekend.”

Another reason people aren’t as productive, more and more offices are turning to open work spaces, citing it creates more collaboration between employees.

“Twenty, 40 years ago, everyone had their own office and a lot of the work was self-directed, so it was much easier to work distraction free,” said Reisinger.

He said it’s best to self-reflect. Ask yourself when you’re most productive, when you’re struggling and why. He said it’s best to separate yourself from a chatty coworker or put that phone down.

The study mentioned that, no matter the day, 72% of people surveyed are most productive in the morning and get the majority of their work done before lunch.