Parma City School board president resigns amid budget concerns

Posted at 9:52 PM, Oct 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 11:56:54-04

As the Parma City School District works to approve its fiscal recovery plan to send to the state, the board of education is dealing with the resignation of its new leader.

President Lynn Halloran resigned on Thursday. 

She's the second school board president to resign this month. 

On Oct. 4, president Kathleen Petro handed in her resignation after a protest at the school.

The students were protesting the proposed cuts to teachers and staff members while the district deals with a $15 million budget deficit.

The cuts would also include the consolidation of Normandy and Valley Forge high schools into one super high school, which would be located at Parma Senior High School on West 54th Street.

A Parma parent told News 5 she found a $9 million clerical error in the budget but Parma schools' treasurer, David Crowley, called the $9 million a variance. He said it doesn't make a difference.

"Net effect of zero," he said.