Police looking for serial burglar on the loose, breaking into dozens of homes in NE Ohio

Posted at 7:44 PM, Dec 01, 2017

Wooster Police are reporting that a serial burglar is on the loose, and he is known to strike, during the holiday season. The man has finally been caught on camera, but police are still working to identify him.

They said the burglaries are being reported in more than two dozen communities, and they could be related.  They are working with multiple police departments, across NE Ohio. Most of the burglaries have taken place in retirement homes with no one inside at the time.

According to Wooster Police, detectives in their community have seen this pattern for about three years. Last year, News 5 also reported on multiple families in Wooster being burglarized. Some residents even lost tens of thousands of dollars, worth of jewelry.

In most cases, the front door was busted in. The thief only took valuable jewelry, leaving other pricy items behind, such as electronics.

Other communities, such as Kent, have seen similar cases. News 5 talked to a neighbor from a retirement community, where three homes were burglarized in one night. They said their peace of mind is now gone.

“It's hard to be here, when the sun goes down,” said Pat Bissler, resident.

Bissler said she and her husband were in California, when the alarm connected to their phone went off. She showed News 5 the three inch bolts on her front door that were smashed off, leaving her door in shambles, before hitting two other homes.

She said despite having extra protection on her door and security alarms, the burglar was still able to get in her house. She now plans on adding even more security.

Her two neighbors were also burglarized, right after her on the same night.

If you know anything, you're urged contact your local police department.