Police officer tracks down and arrests criminal while on vacation

Posted at 5:14 PM, Aug 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-19 17:14:59-04

Chasing a wanted felon- probably not the way you'd picture spending time off. But when Mentor Police K9 Officer Mackey heard a radio call for help, while driving home from a trip, he said he just had to stop.

He heard a radio call he couldn't ignore, a suspect on the move.

"After 17 years of working I knew when this person pulled over they were gonna run," Officer Mackey said.

Coincidentally close-by, Officer Mackey and K9 Bo ran too.

"I was ready to go, other than being in shorts and a t-shirt, not the optimal police uniform," he said.

Officer Mackey told NewsChannel 5 K9 Bo picked up the scent right away.

"When he is tracking it's like you're holding on for dear life...his nose was to the ground the whole time," he said.

After looking and tracking for about 30 minutes, they had him. 44-year-old John Grotto, wanted for felony theft.

Officer Mackey said it was K9 Bo's best track yet- he couldn't be more proud, but called their unexpected arrest, all part of the job they signed up for and love every day.

"Sometimes the good guys win! You know," he said.