Antonio Sabato Jr. says he's 'absolutely' sure President Obama is a Muslim after RNC speech

Posted at 6:43 AM, Jul 19, 2016

Actor, former underwear model, and reality show star Antonio Sabato Jr. -- who stumped for Donald Trump on the floor of the Republican National Convention Monday -- told ABC News that he "absolutely" believes President Obama is a Muslim.

"We had a Muslim president for seven and half years," Sabato Jr. said, adding "I don't believe he is [a Christian]."



Trump himself has repeatedly questioned whether the president is an American and if he is a Muslim and spearheaded the "birther" movement.

President Obama has repeatedly said that he is a Christian.

Sabato Jr. said that for the last seven and half years, he's "seen this country take a bad turn" under Obama's leadership.

"This guy made it really hard for me to support him," he said about Obama, saying that the president entered office with an agenda to move the country to the left.

He claimed that police officers and the military don't like Obama, and implied that he was not American.

"I believe that he's on the other side...the Middle East," he told ABC News. "He's with the bad guys."

Sabato Jr. said that he was not concerned about supporting Trump in liberal-leaning Hollywood, and didn't care if vocal support caused people to judge him.

"So be it," he said.