WATCH: Super awkward Trump-Carson high-five

Posted at 1:28 AM, Sep 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-17 01:28:18-04

What started out as a simple gesture from Donald Trump towards Ben Carson turned into an awkward moment. 

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During the second Republican debate held Wednesday evening, Carson was discussing his stance on the Iraq War back in 2003. 

"I just want to mention that when the issue occurred in 2003, I suggested to President Bush that he not go to war," Carson said. "I just want that on the record."

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Trump then leans in to give a high-five, while Carson appears to go for either a low-five or handshake. 

The result is an awkward "hand-cup" - where Carson and Trumps hands are locked in a sideways handshake.

You can watch the moment in the video player above

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