"No Trump" written with barnyard manure

Posted at 6:37 PM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 18:37:19-05

I have seen angry letters written to politicians, but I have never seen a message written that was so strong that it stunk up the place until I met a farmer from Strasburg, Ohio.

Jerry Slanker believes in freedom of speech and he has vowed to not remain silent if there is a politician who brings his displeasure.  Enter Donald Trump, the presidential candidate.  Slanker figured he had a right to tell the world it should turn away from the Trump campaign.  To make his words stick, he wrote them in manure.

After hauling manure left by his 15 cows and bulls for four hours, the words "No Trump" could be seen by anyone in an airplane flying over his farm in Tuscarawas County in southeastern Ohio.  If you want to read the letter up close, you will have to watch your step, but the message about Trump covers an area far wider than a football field.

"I load it in the manure spreader and haul it right through this gate," said Slanker, 69. grinning as he showed some of his work.  As he spoke, a couple of cows let out with a loud moo and offered more ink for Slanker's writings.

Slanker figures it is his right to speak his mind.  "I know there's a lot of people maybe not agreeing with me, but that's their American right; I just voice my opinion and not yours," he said making reference to the First Amendment of Freedom of Speech.

His granddaughters were so impressed with their grandfather's work, they put his story on Facebook.  The story went viral.   Don't get Slanker angry.  He might send you a letter.