Coast Guard gears up for RNC

Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-17 14:34:23-04

Security is the top priority with the Republican National Convention coming to town and the city has plans on on land, air, and sea to make sure you, and the thousands expected to travel here, are secure. 

On Wednesday the Coast Guard revealed security plans for the lake and waterways.

Captain Brian Roche, who is in charge of overseeing security for the Republican National Convention, said they started event preparation months ago.

 "Our job is to be there for the public," he said.

The secret service has 22 subcommittees set up for the RNC and the Coast Guard has its hands in a few of them to make sure Cleveland's waterways are secure and ready.

"The Coast Guard is responsible for maritime security, but the focus of the event is to make sure the public gets use of the waterway as much as possible," Roche said.

So what changes can you expect to see on our lake, rivers, and ports? Roche said a lot more people in blue, on and around the water, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

"Our boarding officers and boat crew are trained to look for things that look out of place and many times, when you've determined that or questioned it, it's nothing," he said.

They'll work with local and federal agencies, as well as maritime industry, to increase their footprint on the water.

And while security is their top priority, they want to make sure our waterfront is showcased for the thousands of out of town visitors.

"Our message to the public, the boating public, is that the Cleveland waterfront and river is open that week, there just may be times where we need to limit access," Roche explained.

More information on limited access points, no wake and no entry zones,  will be available closer to the event.