Residents call for change after fatal crash at RTA stop

Posted at 5:05 PM, Aug 17, 2016
There are new safety concerns about a busy RTA stop after a deadly accident Wednesday. It's the second major accident at the 116th and Shaker stop, right next to a library and a school. 
People who live around the stop told NewsChannel 5 everyone knows it is a busy street, but not everyone sees how drivers can be around there.  
"Sometimes it gets real dangerous," Juan LeBron said.
"We done seen several in this area, it's been a lot of killings with accidents," Evone Campbell said. 
Back in May, a different accident destroyed the same stop. Luckily, no one was inside waiting for the bus, but one woman was injured. 
"It's ridiculous. People need to be more considerate of each other," Antoinette Perkins said. 
Perkins said she'd like to see changes at the stop to make it safer. 
"A guardrail in the front, maybe," Perkins suggested. 
NewsChannel 5 took these concerns to the RTA to see if they're making any changes to the stop after these two accidents. 
An RTA spokeswoman said they will look into safety concerns, but said she can not comment on the accidents right now.