RNC protest permits denied, groups still plan to be in Cleveland

Posted at 4:33 PM, Jul 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 13:38:56-04

The city of Cleveland denied permits for two Anti-Trump protest groups, but both groups told NewsChannel 5 they'll still be at the RNC. 

The city urged groups to apply for parade permits, but Stand Together Against Trump and The Coalition to Stop Trump were denied.

According to the city's letters, the permits interfered with traffic and didn't follow the official parade route.

So what happens to protesters who show up without permits? Cleveland's Police Chief told us weeks ago if there is a public safety issue, they'll enforce the law. If not, they will direct traffic around it. 

Tom Burke, with The Coalition Against Trump, told NewsChannel 5 they will be in Cleveland, permit or not.

 "We will show up and we will send Trump a message," he said.

Burke said he's appealing the denied permit, and the group is hoping to come to a compromise with the city of Cleveland. 

"We want an agreement with the city, because we want a family friendly match that people could bring their kids to," he said. 

A spokeswoman from other group denied, Stand Together Against Trump,  told NewsChannel 5 they have another permit that was approved, so they'll operate under that.