'Our teachers never missed a beat' —World Teachers Day celebrates educators amid unprecedented conditions

World Teachers Day
Posted at 4:47 PM, Oct 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-05 18:49:00-04

NORTH OLMSTED, Ohio — October 5 is World Teachers Day. It's a moment where we can recognize and celebrate the work done by educators around the world. During the last 18 months of learning in a pandemic, teachers were vital to keeping schools running.

Vital are teachers like Beth Holland, a high school math teacher in North Olmsted City Schools.

But here's the thing about teachers like Holland: they would much rather talk about their kids than about themselves.

"I hope my students realize that I'm here to help them and I'm here to encourage them and that I'm trying to get more for them than just math," she said during an interview over her lunch break.

A veteran teacher with 34 years in classrooms under her belt, Holland never once thought about leaving the profession. And teachers like her are why there is World Teachers Day. It happens in early October every year.

Something resembling normalcy with kids back in classrooms this year doesn't mean all the hard work during the last year of pandemic learning is forgotten.

"Our teachers never missed a beat," said Superintendent David Brand.

An educator and leader, Brand knows these days are important for people in his district. So important that he stepped out of a conference in Columbus to shine a light on the work being done in his district.

"All educators are amazing," he said.

He said that these days are great, but giving the recognition his teachers deserve doesn't have to be a big show.

"We want to know we're appreciated," he said. "We want to know we're valued." Sometimes, a simple "thank you" is all teachers need to hear.

Holland likes these days when spotlights shine on the teachers but, "I think every day should be a celebration for teachers. Or, at least, it should be."

That daily recognition comes from her students. Which means every day for the last 34 years has been a celebration for her.