12 Ohio puppy mills named among nation's 'Horrible Hundred'

Posted at 7:19 AM, May 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-19 09:26:06-04

The Humane Society of the United States is doing its part to make sure consumers don't support puppy mills that abuse and neglect pets. 

The organization released earlier this month their fifth 'Horrible Hundred' report to shed light on violations found at puppy mills across the country.

Twelve Ohio locations made the 2017 list:

  • Debra S. Baird, Salem, Ohio - Warned about sale of underage puppies; repeatedly failed to have records of medical exams on dogs and puppies.
  • Nathan & Sara Bazler, Little Puppies Online, LLC, Mount Vernon, Ohio - Puppies found in cramped, undersized cages; dealer bought puppies from unlicensed breeders.
  • Marvin Burkholder, Berlin Kennel, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER) - Received official warning from USDA in June 2016 for repeat veterinary issues.
  • Gregory Fidoe, Canfield, Ohio - Sold underage puppies and repeatedly failed to get veterinary exams as required, per state records.
  • Emanuel D. Keim, Baltic, Ohio - Dogs found with hair loss and skin conditions.
  • Sam Mast, Fresno, Ohio - Sale of underage puppies; no vet records on dogs; unsafe and unsanitary conditions.
  • James A. Miller, Millersburg, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER) - Matted dogs kept in rusty cages; dirty conditions.
  • John J. Nisley, Loudonville, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER) - Dog found with sores on ears and head; prior violations for injured and lethargic dogs.
  • Daniel Schlabach/Evergreen Designer LLC, Charm, Ohio (REPEAT OFFENDER) - Fire in pole barn filled with “hundreds of dogs” killed an undisclosed number of animals.
  • Marvin Schmucker/ Ervin Schmucker, Sugarcreek, Ohio - Repeated veterinary care deficiencies; bichon had skin lesions around her neck and on leg.
  • Leroy Weaver, Walhonding, Ohio - Dead puppies found decomposing in yard; severely matted dogs.
  • Abe R. Yoder, Millersburg, Ohio - Unsafe flooring not corrected until seven months later and multiple re-inspections; bichon with eye issue had not received surgery as directed by veterinarian.

According to the Humane Society, information for the report this year was more difficult to find due to the USDA’s removal of all animal welfare inspection reports and most enforcement records from the USDA website.

Therefore, the information in this report was compiled from records obtained from state inspection data in states that inspect puppy mills and from recent USDA records that the Humane Society preserved before the reports were removed. The Humane Society also got information from court records, consumer complaints and media reports.