Dallas PD have not yet spoken with Manziel

Posted at 1:22 PM, Feb 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-20 14:19:22-05

In a brief press conference Saturday afternoon, the Dallas Police Department said they have not yet spoken to Johnny Manziel regarding an alleged assault against his ex-girlfriend in January. 

Major Midge Boyle, who oversees the domestic violence and crimes against children units for the department, started the press conference by telling media that police continue to fully investigate the case, in which a police report claims Manziel hit ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley multiple times on Jan. 30. 

Boyle said detectives continue to communicate with Crowley and have received her medical records. Police have also obtained video from surveillance cameras and interviewed witnesses. She added due to the ongoing investigation, she could not release any further updates regarding the case.

But when a reporter asked if police have spoken with Manziel about the incident, Boyle responded that they have not, which left media wondering, and also questioning why an arrest has not yet been made at this time. 

"You guys make an arrest with far less information," one reporter claimed. "Why has there not been at least an arrest in this case?"

Boyle said police want to allow the detectives leading the case to "do their due diligence" and gather all facts before taking further action. 

"We want to make sure all the facts are there and clear before we send it to the prosecutors," Boyle said, citing the case as a "high profile" one in which Dallas Police began investigating two weeks ago. 

Boyle said there is no determination at this time as to what charges - if any - will be filed against Manziel. She also said she does not know if the incident will result in an arrest warrant or grand jury referral. 

"We don't know at this point until we get all the facts together," she said. 

The Associated Press reported Saturday that Dallas Police could finish the case by next week.