Gov. John Kasich co-hosts 'The View,' weighs in on the Trump budget, pop star feuds, and childbirth

Posted at 1:54 PM, May 24, 2017
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The hosts and producers of "The View," must have taken to Ohio Gov. John Kasich when he visited the show in April to promote his book.

They invited Kasich back and promoted him from guest to co-host.

On the May 23 show, Kasich weighed in on the proposed Trump budget (he doesn't think it will pass), the feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, and what it's like to be in the delivery room for childbirth. He also got to chat with rapper 2 Chainz, about giving back to the community.

The appearance opened with co-host Whoopi Goldberg asking the Ohio governor in a serious tone: "You are here at a perfect time, because we need your insight into a battle that has gotten this country just split right down the middle," Goldberg said leading into a pause. "Can you explain what the hell is going on with Taylor Swift and Katy Perry?"

Kasich, not missing a beat, chimed in: "It's shocking everybody, you know. What the thing is: Don't ever steal anybody's dancers, is the message."

The governor then went on to show his knowledge of pop culture by talking about Swift's reported new sound.

"There's a new sound, she put out a new song, 'I don't want to live forever' with Zayn, who is a One Direction guy, and it's a lot different," he said. This prompted co-host Sara Haines to tell the audience, "This is no joke, he schooled us in the meeting."

Kasich weighed in on the proposed Trump budget, too.

On the proposed Trump budget


"It has no chance, zero chance," Kasich said. Goldberg chimed in, "You can say it's not going to pass, like everybody said the guy [Trump] was not going to get elected, you don't know."

On the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud

Sharing the desk with 2 Chainz

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"The View" airs weekdays at 11 a.m. on News 5 Cleveland.