Judge declares mistrial in Ray Tensing murder trial

Judge declares mistrial in Ray Tensing murder trial
Posted at 2:16 PM, Jun 23, 2017

The Ray Tensing murder retrial has ended in another hung jury, meaning jurors were unable to reach a unanimous verdict in the case.

Tensing, a former University or Cincinnati police officer, was facing murder and voluntary manslaughter charges for shooting Sam DuBose during a traffic stop on July 19, 2015.

Jury deliberations lasted for five full days, spanning nearly 30 hours.

With small exceptions, including one conspicuous alteration to Tensing's story -- that DuBose had pinned his arm inside the car and then accelerated, forcing him to shoot to protect himself -- the retrial called the same experts, told the same stories and made the same arguments as the first.

A grand jury indicted Tensing in 2015 on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter. The jury -- comprised of nine white jurors, three black jurors -- was unable to agree on a verdict for either charge.

At Tensing's first trial in November, the jury deliberated for 25 hours before the judge called a hung jury and a mistrial. Four jurors thought Tensing was guilty of murder, four thought he was guilty of voluntary manslaughter and four thought Tensing was not guilty, according to Prosecutor Joe Deters.