Is a new, wooden roller coaster coming to Kings Island?

Plans approved by Mason planning division
Posted at 12:08 PM, Jun 29, 2016

Kings Island is teasing fans with the idea of something new and wooden coming to the park in 2017.

A blueprint obtained by WCPO - 9 On Your Side shows plans for a new roller coaster.

Foundation permits filed with the Mason planning division show the roller coaster drawn in one corner of the Rivertown section of the park. The permits were approved June 6.

Additionally, in a note -- sent to WCPO and tied to a toy ax -- Kings Island wrote the project "is going down in the woods of Rivertown" -- the same section of the park that houses the Diamondback, the Beast, the Kings Island and Miami Valley Railroad and White Water Canyon.

WCPO contacted park spokesman Don Helbig multiple times for comment. We have a crew headed to the park to speak to Helbig later Wednesday afternoon.

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From an aerial view of the park (courtesy of Chopper 9), it's clear that trees are being cleared in Rivertown near the White Water Canyon ride. Fencing has been put in the same area.

On Twitter, Kings Island has used the hashtag #KIProject2017 to share photos of trees, sticks, water and the train.

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