New law in Ohio affecting Planned Parenthood

Posted at 6:43 AM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-23 06:43:49-04

An Ohio law that strips government funding from Planned Parenthood is forcing some local health officials to scramble to find replacement providers for certain services.

The law targets the more than $1 million that Planned Parenthood gets through Ohio's health department. The money, which is mostly federal, supports a variety of programs including initiatives that seek to reduce infant mortality and provide cancer screenings.

The law bars such public funds from going to entities that perform or promote abortions.

In Canton, the city is grappling with the law's restrictions. It contracts with Planned Parenthood to provide HIV testing and counseling for residents.

Canton's health commissioner, Jim Adams, says he has not yet found a replacement.

The law takes effect Monday, though Planned Parenthood is suing to have the restrictions blocked.