Tommy's Restaurant in Cleveland Hts ships milkshake hundreds of miles for dying woman's last wish

Posted at 12:08 PM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 14:34:36-04

Emily Pomeranz had one last wish.

The Ohio native was living in Washington D.C. battling pancreatic cancer, and all she wanted was to taste her favorite milkshake one more time.

Her friend Sam Klein said Pomeranz asked for the chocolatey treat from her favorite childhood restaurant during one of her visits.

“I went to visit her in a hospice a few weeks ago and asked her if she needed anything … she said with a smile, I wish I could have one more Tommy’s mocha milkshake,” Klein said.

There was just one problem -- Tommy’s Restaurant was over 350 miles away in Cleveland Heights.

But Tommy’s owner, Tommy Fello, found a way to make it happen.

Some research on shipping and several trips to the UPS office later, Pomeranz had a Tommy’s mocha milkshake in hand.

“This was a huge surprise. She was thrilled. She shared it with her family. She talked about it for days and days,” Klein said.

Klein said Pomeranz passed away last week, and she “ leaves behind a treasure trove of memories; a legacy of laughter, joy and caring; grieving family and friends.”