Ohio SPCA saves 70 animals from 'rescue' after finding horrific conditions inside

Posted at 5:47 PM, Aug 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-23 17:47:51-04

The Ohio SPCA and Humane Society removed 70 animals from a local animal rescue after they found animals living in their own waste and suffering from various infections and dental diseases. 

Late Friday night, Bluffton police visited the TLU Rescue operator's residence in Lima after finding the conditions outside the rescue to be concerning. The operators of the rescue surrendered the animals to the SPCA. 

Animals inside the facility were stacked in metal cages and forced to live in their own waste, according to the Ohio SPCA. Officials said the ammonia levels were overpowering, especially in the cat room where litter boxes and countertops were filled with urine and feces.

Many of the animals needed medical care for infections and severe dental disease. One dog could not be saved and had to be euthanized in order to end his suffering.

TLU Rescue, a non-profit organization, solicited donations from the public, saying they were saving animals and placing them for adoption. Criminal charges for animal cruelty are expected to be filed as soon as a veterinarian report is completed.

The Ohio SPCA is asking for help in donations to take care of the animals.