Ohio woman who gave DNA sample insists she is not missing Milwaukee woman

Posted at 4:48 PM, Jul 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-10 16:52:30-04

A woman who provided a DNA sample to an Ohio police department in connection with the disappearance of a Milwaukee girl in 2002 said late Saturday she is not who some think she is.

The woman, who TODAY’S TMJ4 is not identifying, is angry and agitated by the attention, but says she feels sorry for the family of Alexis Patterson. 

From her front porch, the woman insisted she is not the 7-year-old girl who vanished from Milwaukee in 2002.

Milwaukee Police said Friday that detectives were obtaining a DNA sample from a woman in Ohio. 

Detectives received a tip from a man who believed a woman he knows may be Alexis Patterson.

A Bryan, Ohio police officer described the case as an active investigation, and said they will know the results of the DNA test within the next several weeks.

Alexis Patterson was last seen walking to Hi-Mount elementary school the morning of May 3, 2002.

Her stepfather told police he walked the 7-year-old girl to school, but teachers said she never made it to class.

Despite intensive police work, detectives have made little progress discovering clues and generating leads in Patterson's disappearance.