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Professor teaches students things you should and shouldn't post on social media

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 18:17:17-05

CINCINNATTI — As social media continues to be a huge part of our lives, an Ohio professor is working with her students so that their past posts don't come back to haunt them.

Dr. Leslie Rasmussen’s course on social media strategies takes a critical look at all social media accounts.

“It’s so important nowadays because employers are looking at social media activity that we also take a deep dive into these student’s personal social accounts and think about what they’re putting out there even if it was when they were 13 years old,” Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen offers these tips to help students:

  • Crop any alcohol out of pictures before you post
  • Delete any bad language
  • Consider what mom might think before you comment

In her class, she has students look at their social media as if it were a commercial. They must ask themselves, how am I selling myself?

“I ask them up front, in six words tell me what you believe sums up your personal brand based on your social media activity,” Rasmussen said.

Senior Maddie Ramion has a picture of herself just walking up as her Twitter profile picture.

“A little self-deprecating, down to earth, yep, just trying to be relatable,” Ramion said.

Ramion’s not clicking delete, but she is noticing she needs to add some things to her social media brand.

“I’m noticing as I’m going through my social media and we’re having these conversations that my social media isn’t very career oriented,” she said.

So what are the best things to post to your social media accounts?

“Things that are informative, things that are engaging and entertaining, and if it’s not one of those three things, you probably don’t need to put it out there,” Rasmussen said.

Senior David Saunders is following those rules.

His current Facebook profile picture features his source of inspiration: his mother.

“She’s going back to law school, actually we’re going to graduate a week apart from each other,” Saunders said.

Inspiring and empathetic are his two branding words.

“Especially with everything that’s happening on the news, it’s you know maybe we can use some love,” Saunders said.

A great thought and a good start in a new college course students will certainly use in the real world.