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Prosecution to resume buried baby murder case in Ohio trial

Buried Newborn
Posted at 6:29 AM, Sep 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-09 06:30:21-04

Prosecutors will resume presenting their case in the murder trial of a woman accused of killing and burying her baby.

Testimony is set to continue Monday in southwest Ohio’s Warren County for Brooke Skylar Richardson.

Prosecutors say Richardson, then 18, killed and buried the unwanted baby after hiding her pregnancy. Her lawyers say she was scared and sad after the baby was stillborn in her bathroom. The remains were found in her family’s backyard in July 2017.

Friday’s testimony was largely focused on forensics and medical information.

Dr. Susan Brown of the Montgomery County coroner’s office testified she concluded the baby died from “homicidal violence.” However, she said she couldn’t determine how the baby died. The defense suggested her evaluation was incomplete and discarded facts indicating the baby was stillborn.