Questions unanswered in Ohio woman's death

Posted at 10:24 AM, Dec 23, 2015

A southwest Ohio sheriff's office has responded quickly to a father's request to add "fresh eyes" to the unsolved homicide death of his daughter who disappeared from her home more than four years ago.

Skeletal remains identified as those of art student Katelyn Markham were found in 2013 in Cedar Grove, Indiana.

A coroner ruled the 21-year-old Fairfield woman's death a homicide. But the cause of death wasn't determined.

The Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports that Markham's father recently asked the Butler County sheriff's office to take over the investigation. That office quickly responded to Markham and is now on the case.

A private investigator also looking into the woman's death said last week that new evidence has surfaced that could break open the case. But he declined to provide details.