Treasurer Josh Mandel announces legislation to stop sanctuary cities in Ohio

Posted at 3:25 PM, Feb 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-06 15:25:42-05

City officials in Ohio would be prohibited from adopting "sanctuary cities" protections for immigrants in the country illegally and held criminally liable for any crimes committed by such immigrants under a proposal headed to Ohio's legislature.

A bill announced Monday would define and outlaw sanctuary jurisdictions and declare sanctuary policies contrary to federal law and state interests.

"Our top priority must be keeping Ohio families safe from radical Islamic terrorists and other threats. Sanctuary cities are an out-of-touch, misguided policy that snub their nose at our nation's laws and undermine the security of our communities," said Treasurer Mandel. "Sanctuary cities will only empower our enemies, not deter them."

Under the proposal, elected officials could face six to 18 months of prison time and/or fees up to $5,000. 

The bill would also allow a person who claims that he or she is the victim of a crime committed by an illegal alien to file a civil action for compensatory damages against the city and elected officials who created the policy to operate as a sanctuary city.

The Ohio measure comes as U.S. cities, including Cincinnati and Columbus, have enacted certain immigrant protections in the wake of President Donald Trump's executive orders on immigration.