UPDATE: Veteran denied wheelchair for using medical marijuana gets numerous donations

Posted at 6:41 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 18:52:49-04

Back in February, News 5 brought you a story about a Marine Corps veteran, who was denied a motorized wheelchair because he used medical marijuana.

The story received an overwhelming response with some generous people donating wheelchairs for Ron Hudson.

In fact, he now has more than 10 motorized wheelchairs. He said his new wheelchair makes him feel like a superhero around his grandson.

"He'll love this,” said Hudson, “It will be like a game with this thing. I'll be like Batman!”

Previously, the Cleveland VA rejected Hudson's request for a motorized wheelchair, due to its policies on medical marijuana.

Kevin Kocher, the owner of The Chair Doctor in Canton, was one of many who watched our story. He worked with a manufacturing company in San Francisco to get Hudson a free high-tech wheelchair.

“Being a veteran, it wasn't really about the politics, anything about the VA, it just didn't sit right,” he said.

Kocher wasn't the only one got the idea to help Hudson out. He received numerous donations from generous individuals.

Hudson is now giving the wheelchairs away, one by one.

“When you're 27, and you get a walker there's a whole feeling about it,” said Amanda Candow, one of the recipients.

Candow talked about her struggles, dealing with has MS.

“When you go from your legs caring you, to you carry your legs, they weigh seems like 100 pounds each,” she said.

Hudson said he’s looking to keep the ball rolling and help more people.

"I’d like to let everyone in Ohio know that if you have a chair, if you're in Ohio when you get this message, call me. Call me!” he said.

He’s also looking forward to his new adventures on his upgraded wheelchair.

“As long as the sand is hard, the beach is hard, this thing is going anywhere I want to go,” he said.