Vermilion woman saves dog in hot car, catches it on video

Police say it's not the first time
Posted at 5:52 PM, Jul 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-07 17:52:50-04

Tough to watch- video of a woman in Vermilion, working with police to save a dog, left in a hot car. According to police, it's not the first time it's happened this year.

Deborah Parker, who runs St. Francis Animal  Sanctuary, told NewsChannel 5 she can't stand to see an animal suffering. So when Parker saw a dog struggling in the car parked next to her, at the Giant Eagle on Liberty Ave, she immediately called the police.

Parker said she was ready to break the window, but police got there immediately. She caught everything on camera.

A Vermilion police officer is captured in her video, trying to open the car door to get the older chocolate lab some fresh air.

In the video, the dog owner walks up to Parker and the officer, before the officer managed get the door open.

The dog owner eventually comes outside. She confronted Parker, and the officer, who fire right back.

"I've been gone five minutes," the owner says in the video.

"No, I've been standing here more than five minutes," Parker says.

"Your dog could be dead," the officer adds.

The dog owner gave the lab some water, packed up her groceries, and left. She was not cited by police.

Deborah Parker told NewsChannel the story could have had a very different ending, so that's why she's sharing it-to warn others not to leave their dogs in the car.

"Your dog will be dead in a matter of minutes. You thought enough to bring him with you, leave him at home," Parker said.

A new law in the state of Ohio protects people who break into cars to save children or animals.

Local vet, Dr. Janet Ranney, with Freedom Veterinary Services, the law will save lives, right here in Greater Cleveland.

"Ten more minutes and it would have been too late for this dog," Ranney said.

Dr. Ranney said she sees dogs that have suffered every year. She shared a message for dog owners at home.

"The best thing you for your dog in the summer is keep them at home where it's safe. Traveling in cars is dangerous for dogs in the summer," she said.

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