Westlake Public Library turns to community to write second act for stuffed wolf

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Posted at 3:41 PM, Sep 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-12 18:45:53-04

WESTLAKE, Ohio — What was likely supposed to be a short visit for story time at the Westlake Public Library has now turned into a nearly week-long adventure for a stuffed wolf.

"Whoever is the owner of this little guy is probably missing him. He looks like he has been in hands for a long time," said Heather Feenaughty, Westlake Public Library.

The staff in the children's section asked Feenaughty, the marketing manager at the library, to help find his owner.

"How about we make a post but have a little fun with it, inspire the child's imagination and show the stuffed animal is in safe hands and actually having fun at the library," said Feenaughty.

So, Feenaughty snapped pictures of the well-loved wolf in a number of different scenarios.

"On a train, hanging out with our resident tiger. We put him in a number of our reading challenge scenarios with some of our storybook characters," said Feenaughty.

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However, it wasn't all fun and games for the little snuggle buddy.

"We also did put him to work. We gave him a phone and a keyboard. If he's going to be here, he's going to have to earn his keep," said Feenaughty.

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So far, nobody has come forward to claim the wolf that's now capturing the attention of the community.

"Many are concerned with the outcome of this story and hope that it does get returned," said Feenaughty.

With another story time Tuesday morning, the library staff is hopeful the child comes back and retrieves their friend.

"When they actually get it back, it might help for them to know that it was taken care of and just as loved here as it would be at home," said Feenaughty.