What can and can't the president do? News 5 goes back to high school

Posted at 5:00 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-09 18:08:14-05

How much do you remember from your high school civics class?

With a new president-elect, people are talking about changes we could see here in the United States, but many seem to be confused about what our president really can or can not do. So News 5 sent Tara Molina back to the classroom to bring all of us back to the basics.

We sat in on Melissa McClelland's 11th grade social studies class, where students seem to have a solid understanding of the roles our commander in chief plays.

"He can make recommendations to what Congress should do, but they have the ultimate power," student, Matthew Faokowski said.

"He can't take away the rights for gay marriage," student, Maddi Moord said.

The president also can't change rules regarding abortion. Both were decided through Supreme Court decisions.

"The Supreme Court would have to turn over its own decision. Make a new decision," McClelland clarified.

The president can appoint a Supreme Court justice.

"But the Senate has the ability to say whether or not that person is accepted," McClelland said.

And as for the wall you've probably heard about, on the United States-Mexico border?

"Congress has a lot of power over what they can and cannot do," McClelland said.

It would require congressional support.

So, when it comes to our next president, we asked what you can you expect to change.

"That's the big misconception, that immediately we will see all these things change. And, really that's why we have checks and balances in place. The process is meant to take time," McClelland answered.