Wickliffe police investigate rash of burglaries, suspects kick-in doors to gain entry

Posted at 7:06 PM, Jun 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-07 19:06:22-04

Wickliffe Police are investigating a rash of burglaries. According to police, burglars are now kicking in doors and taking off with things like jewelry, TV and silverware.

Investigators say the burglaries are happening in Richmond Heights and Wickliffe. They told News 5 they now believe the incidents could be related.

While Hollywood makes these types of burglaries seem like an elaborate scheme, Danny Chalhoub with Rhodes Security Systems said the heists are usually simple.

“They want to be there the least amount of time,” he said. “Your common burglars are not going to do. They want to be in and out, as quickly as possible. It's a smash and grab, they're going to smash in and take the first thing that they see, and they're going to get out of there.”

Wickliffe Police were called out to two home invasions on Saturday and Monday. Then on Tuesday, police said there were another two burglaries in Richmond Heights.

Security experts said these types of burglaries can often be avoided with just some common sense.

“Leave your lights on, make sure all your doors are locked,” said Chalhoub, “Families own two cars, make it seem like someone is home and leave one of those cars in the driveway.”

He said residents can post warning signs on their yards. He also advised homeowners to not overshare on social media, if they are away from their homes for a long period of time.

“Don't post things on Facebook or social media to make it easier for someone to know that you're leaving your home, or checking in somewhere,” said Chalhoub.

With continuous updates in technology, security systems are also available, so residents can have access to cameras in their house, right from their smart phone.

“All of these cameras now come with the remote accessibility app that we can download onto your phone,” said Chalhoub.

Installing a security system is a pricier option. However, experts said it’s worth it, if you have many valuable items to protect.