Woman claims city botched repair of historic cemetery, calls it disrespectful

Posted at 5:54 PM, Sep 22, 2016

The home to Cleveland's founding fathers disrespected and botched? That's what some are saying about the repairs to Erie Street Cemetery. 

The historic site was vandalized weeks ago, but it's the city's attempted quick fix that has at least one family upset all over again.

Christine Gaffney has more than one family member buried at the cemetery. 

She showed NewsChannel 5 where her great, great grandfather is buried. 

Gaffney said she is the last of her family in Cleveland, so she won't stand back and let what is technically considered family property stay in botched repair. 

"This part of the monument should be centered on the base," Gaffney said, looking at the gravestone. 

"The more I saw the more upset I got," she added. 

Gaffney said after the cemetery was vandalized early September, she stayed in touch with the city.

Several companies offered to help with repair. Gaffney told NewsChannel 5 she even offered to pay to fix her families monuments. So, she said she was surprised when she got a call from a city employee, telling her the monuments were placed upright by city crews.

"It's unprofessional and it's disrespectful," she said.

Because when she checked it out, she said they were more than placed.

"There's grey sealant here," Gaffney observed while looking at the white stone. 

"I consider this to be property damage by the city of Cleveland. And the city of Cleveland needs to make this right," she said. 

NewsChannel 5 talked to spokesmen with the city of Cleveland several times. We were told twice crews turned headstones upright - that's all. 

Later in the day, a "bind" was mentioned.

According to city employees, they're working on contracting with a monument company for additional repairs.