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Akron Korean War Veteran killed in action honored with full military honors

Posted at 7:03 PM, Apr 13, 2022

AKRON, Ohio — The Korean War might be known as the Forgotten War, but it's not forgotten by family members who've lost a loved one.

The Dannemiller family continues to look for closure and is getting closer every day.

“It made it feel like he was there, to me. Actually. So. It was a good feeling. “I’m happy that… that he’s here," David Dannemiller said.

Nancy Baker's brother, Ervin Dannemiller, was drafted and sent to Korea.

His duty ended in October 1951 and has been listed as "Missing in Action" ever since.

“He did the job that was put before him and the military people have said to me, ‘You do know your uncle is a real hero’, and I said, ‘I know," Nancy's daughter Chris Rossi said.

Rossi said she's watched her family mourn a hero who has very much earned an eternal resting place.

“It was devastating, mostly for my mom" Baker said.

Finding remains from over 70 years ago isn't likely, but the family said giving Ervin Dannemiller a headstone would bring some peace.

“He isn’t actually here, but in memory, he is. He is here. And he is up there. Yeah," David Dannemiller said.

Ervin Dannemiller's designation has changed from Missing in Action to Killed in Action, which the family worked hard to get.

"He is a hero. We can honor the son, the uncle, the brother and put him at least partially to rest," Rossi said.