Dozens of jobs available at Joann Fabrics and Crafts headquarters in Hudson and at retail locations

Craft giant became an essential business during pandemic
Posted at 12:48 PM, Oct 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-22 18:25:46-04

HUDSON, Ohio — Joann Fabrics became an essential business during the pandemic. The craft giant is hiring at their Hudson warehouse and retail locations.

For the past 23 years, Carlotta Sparks has called Joann in Hudson her second home.

“I found family not only at my home, but I have family here. Because I’m here so much, and that made me want to stay,” Carlotta said.

Carlotta lives more than an hour away but says the commute is well worth it, considering she’ll be able to retire comfortably in a few years.

“My pay is great and the benefits are awesome — that’s my main reason for staying,” she said. “I actually came here just looking for a job and then I found a career.”

Joann Fabrics Warehouse location in Hudson.

And Joann is openly seeking more employee’s like Carlotta, even posting a huge “Help Wanted” sign out outside its headquarters.

“Here in Northeast Ohio, we are absolutely hiring at all locations,” said district manager Dave Grumbos.

There are about 50 open positions in the distribution center — some are as simple as picking and packing, while others, using machinery, are easily trainable on site. There are also openings at the home office next door.

And in addition to those positions, there are also dozens of jobs available at Joann stores across Ohio.

“We cross-train where possible, in the field it’s the same way — we cross train every position so it’s relatively simple,” Grumbos said.

Joann Fabrics Warehouse location in Hudson.

The typical holiday hiring frenzy, combined with the fact that this craft giant became an essential business during the pandemic, helping crank out millions of masks.

All in a workplace that promotes creativity.

“We use our minds, our hearts to be creative here. So when you get here you’ll be creative too. Because I get creative just walking through here,” Carlotta said.

To apply, you can click here.

For in-store positions, Joann is also doing on-the-spot interviews if you walk into a store.