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Here's what fans from the 31 other teams had to say about Cleveland during the 2021 NFL Draft

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Posted at 8:18 PM, May 02, 2021

CLEVELAND — The 2021 NFL Draft has come and gone and while the Cleveland Browns were busy adding depth, speed and versatility across their roster, the city was busy hosting fans from both right here at home and the league's 31 other teams.

For years, Cleveland has been the butt of the joke for people outside of the city, but with the NFL Draft bringing in droves of visitors to The Land, what impression did the city leave on them as they head back home?

Here's what the other teams had to say about Cleveland:

Arizona Cardinals- Kevin and Lauren Macy

Cardinals fans NFL Draft
Cardinals fans Kevin and Lauren Macy

"It's beautiful. You guys have really cleaned it up," Kevin said.

"It's cleaner here than Chicago," Lauren said. "I like it better."

Atlanta Falcons- Vinny Dorsey

Atlanta Falcons fan
Falcons fan Vinny Dorsey.

"There's a lot to do, it's very hospitable—a little cold, a little windy—but nice," Dorsey said. "Definitely a football town for sure."

Buffalo Bills- Tracey, Jay and Cooper Kosmalski

Bills fans

"I love Cleveland, I like how everything is on the water," Tracey said.

"They've got tons of stuff to do," Cooper said.

"It reminds me a little bit of of Buffalo, I like how you can walk from stadium to stadium," Jay said.

Baltimore Ravens- Shawn Clark

Ravens fan
Ravens fan Shawn Clark.

"It's been pretty awesome," Shawn said. "I feel like the city is really easy to find your way around. There's a lot of great restaurants. I think it was a great location to have a draft. Definitely going to come back sometime in the future."

Carolina Panthers- Dustin Foley

Panthers fan
Panthers fan Dustin Foley.

"It's hometowny. I was really surprised on how amazing the architecture is," Foley said. "It's a beautiful city."

Cincinnati Bengals- Mike Elias

Bengals fan
Bengals fan Mike Elias.

"It's cold, but there's a nice view of the water. Lake Erie is real nice," Elias said. "Just seeing what the Draft has, mingling and having a few drinks."

Chicago Bears- Marcus Orr

Bears fan
Bears fan Marcus Orr.

"I love it I'll be coming back," Orr said. "I love the stadium, oh my God, I love that stadium."

Dallas Cowboys- Nicole Vess, Ben 'TNT' Sanders, Greg Rechlin, Kris Carter, Matt Trublu

Cowboys fans
Cowboys fans Nicole Vess, Ben 'TNT' Sanders, Greg Rechlin, Kris Carter and Matt Trublu.

"We're enjoying the day and loving the experience!"

Denver Broncos- Tommy Osif

Broncos fan
Broncos fan Tommy Osif.

"I love Cleveland it's a great city. Every time I come here it's always a great time, I've never had a bad experience," Osif said. "Great city to be in."

Detroit Lions- Ron Crachiola, Rob Gonzalez, Ben Broumand

Lions fans
Lions fans Ron Crachiola, Rob Gonzolez, Ben Broumand.

"Cleveland is an awesome city," Crachiola said. "I'm not a Browns fan, but I love this city."

"It's a home away from home," Gonzalez said. "It's always a great time to come down here."

"Special fans are the ones who root for a team no matter what the result is, and Cleveland and Detroit have that in common," Broumand said.

Green Bay Packers- Kyle F. Hileman

Packers fan
Packers fan Kyle Hileman

"I'll be super honest with you, my expectations of Cleveland, they were not very high—but I've had an excellent time," Hileman said. "I couldn't have had a better experience. I'd recommend Cleveland to anyone."

Houston Texans- Eduardo Hernandez

Texans fan
Texans Fan Eduardo Hernandez.

"It's nice. It's real nice, real historic," Hernandez said. "The fan base for Cleveland was pretty good Thursday."

Indianapolis Colts- Kristin Eberly

Colts fans
Colts fan Kristin Eberly.

"I love Cleveland, it's a great city. There's a lot to do," Eberly said. "I love the restaurants and the bar scene is incredible."

Kansas City Chiefs- Michael Gonzalez

Chiefs fan Michael Gonzalez.

"I love it a lot. Everyone is really nice and kind," Gonzalez said. "I've heard some negative things, but I really do like it a lot."

Las Vegas Raiders- David Rosales

Raiders fan
Raiders fan David Rosales

"So far, we really like it. It's not as cold as I thought," Rosales said.

Los Angeles Chargers- Derek Turner

Chargers fan
Chargers fan Derek Turner.

"Cleveland has exceeded expectations," Turner said. "We were using this as a warmup for Vegas next year, but this has been a pleasant surprise."

Los Angeles Rams- Anthony, Manny and Renee Flores

Rams fans
Fans Anthony, Manny and Renee Flores

"I love the big city, all the improvements Cleveland has made," Anthony said.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Amy Diaz, Manny Ramos

Jaguars fans
Jaguars fans Amy Diaz and Manny Ramos.

"It's pretty cool, everyone is super inviting," Diaz said. "The commodities are really cool."

Miami Dolphins- Rob Clary

Dolphins fan
Dolphins fan Rob Clary.

"I absolutely love this city, the way you guys do these things is wild," Clary said. "Everybody is really nice. You come to Jacksonville, you come to Cleveland, we all have suffered the same misery as far as fandom goes."

Minnesota Vikings- Elaine, Chuck, Tabor and Katie Metcalfe

Vikings fans
Vikings fans Elaine, Chuck, Tabor and Katie Metcalfe

"I thought the downtown looked nice," Katie said. "It was fun."

New England Patriots- Jason and Katie Spangenberg

Patriots fans
Patriots fans Jason and Katie Spangenberg.

"I like Cleveland a lot, we live like two hours away," Jason said. "It's a lot nicer than people give it credit for."

New Orleans Saints- Amanda Severt and Alexa Delarosa

Saints fans
Saints fans Amanda Severt and Alexa Delarosa.

"It's been pretty awesome, we're from Cleveland and we're excited to have people come down and see what the city is about," Severt said.

New York Giants- Bailey Schmeltzer and Stephen Gleesom

Giants fans
Giants fans Bailey Schmeltzer and Stephen Gleesom.

"It's been pretty cool. 10 years ago growing up here it was rather depressing, but it's really gotten better," Schmeltzer said.

"It's nice to see people getting out but still being safe," Gleesom said.

New York Jets- Taya Neuman

Jets fan
Jets fan Taya Neuman.

"I'm from Cleveland and I love it. This exceeded my expectations," Neuman said. "Awesome experience."

Philadelphia Eagles- Terri Powers, Sandy Weaver, Noah Weaver

Eagles fans
Eagles fans Terri Powers, Sandy Weaver and Noah Weaver.

"It was very clean," Sandy said.

"It was very easy to get around, we're just driving around taking in all the sights," Terri said.

San Francisco 49ers- Nick Derr

49ers fan
49ers Nick Derr.

"I think it's a real nice city, some of the roads could be fixed," Derr said. "But I'm definitely coming back."

Seattle Seahawks- Rachael Copeland, Elise Robinson and Jamie Paglier

Seahawks fans
Seahawks fans Rachael Copeland, Elise Robinson and Jamie Paglier.

"The city was fun, we had a blast!" they said.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Ted Akina and Melissa Anderson

Steelers fans
Steelers fans Ted Akina and Melissa Anderson.

"The atmosphere is good, I thought we'd be having more butted-heads, but it's all been good," Akina said.

"Everybody has seemed very friendly," Anderson said.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Elizabeth Ruiz

Buccaneers fan
Buccaneers fan Elizabeth Ruiz.

"It was awesome to have this in Cleveland," Ruiz said. "I lived in Tampa, went to the Super Bowl—to have this here is a whole different feeling."

Tennessee Titans- Chily Pepper and Jim Lacey

Titans fans
Titans fans Chily Pepper and Jim Lacey.

"I've been to Muni Lot, I've partied with the Dawgs, it's wild," Chily Pepper said.

Washington Football Team- Edward Friton and John Hafer

Washington fans
Washington Football Team fans Edward Friton and John Hafer.

"It's been fun, only one person's really razzed us," they said. "Everyone is real nice."

Camryn Justice is a digital content producer at News 5 Cleveland. Follow her on Twitter @camijustice.

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