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Everything you need to know about the News 5 app

Posted at 4:42 PM, Apr 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-25 16:42:59-04

So you've decided to download the News 5 app. Or maybe you're thinking about downloading the News 5 app. Here's what you should know.

Will I get all of your stories on the app?
Yes, you will. All of the stories that appear on the desktop and mobile versions of our site also appear on the app, which means you will never miss a single story about Browns general manager John Dorsey mocking a Steelers fan in a bar.

How do people use the app?
Many people check the app first thing in the morning. Some check it repeatedly throughout the day. Others look at it during severe weather. How you spend time with the app is up to you. Take it on a hike through South Chagrin Reservation. Catch a show at Beachland Ballroom. Grab a glass of Pinot at Pier W. The options are limitless.

Should I opt in for the push alerts?
Yes, you should. [Dramatic Music] Your life may depend on it.

Our Power of 5 Weather Team (which is the best in Northeast Ohio) will let you know when severe weather is heading your way. We've received enough thank you messages to know we've helped more than a few folks steer clear of danger.

What other types of push alerts do you send?
Unlike certain other local news entities that shall remain nameless (but we all know who they are), we are selective in what we push. If we're barging in on your phone, it better be worth it. These are our general guidelines:

Breaking: Major story with wide impact, police alerts, unusual activity, trends, public danger, continuing coverage of major cases, major breaking news event of national concern
Weather: Severe weather alerts, disruptive weather, live updates, amazing visuals
Traffic: Major traffic jams, unusual activity
Sports: Postseason scores, major accomplishments, serious injuries, big roster moves
What’s On TV: TV schedule changes, special reports, must-watch moments

Admittedly, we don't hit the mark every time, but we try, and we learn and adjust, and we get better, and that's all you can do in this life, right?

This is getting a little philosophical for a TV station, let's move on.

How often is the weather updated on the app?
Our weather forecast is updated daily because this is Northeast Ohio, which has been known to experience several seasons in the span of a single Browns game.

What about traffic?
We have a traffic map on the app where you can watch everyone in downtown Cleveland get on 90 West at the exact same time every workday.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with the app?
Go to the Settings feature on your app and select Contact Support. The folks there are really nice and will be glad to help you. Say hi to Cheryl for us.

I already forgot - again, how do I download your app?

That’s okay! Here are those links again: