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Your way-too-early look at what the weather will be like for the 2021 NFL Draft

Posted: 5:24 PM, May 23, 2019
Updated: 2019-05-23 21:26:35Z

CLEVELAND — Cleveland will host the 2021 NFL Draft. In April. Outdoors.

Browns fans are used to turning out for games in inclement weather, and anyone who wants to enjoy the sights and sounds of Draft Day in The Land may have to put up with Mother Nature as well.

Looking back at what the weather was like in Cleveland on Day 1 of the draft of previous years, a pattern emerges, and that pattern is precipitation.


But, hey: We'll take that 87!

The last 10 years:

2019 April 25th - High 67 rain

2018 April 26th - High 57 dry

2017 April 27th - High 81 drizzle

2016 April 28th - High 51 rain

2015 April 30th - High 50 drizzle

2014 May 8th - High 87 dry

2013 April 25th - High 52 snow then rain

2012 April 26th - High 55 rain

2011 April 28th - High 68 drizzle

2010 April 22nd - High 55 drizzle

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