A night at the movies with the Browns Gary Barnidge

Posted at 10:03 PM, Oct 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-03 22:03:16-04

Football is a full-time job for NFL players. Nonetheless, they still have some downtime. Browns tight end Gary Barnidge spend much of that free time watching movies, and he invites fans to come along. 

“Every Wednesday I ask a trivia question and the first ten to get it right I take to the movies,” Barnidge explained. 

However, recently Barnidge invited more than ten fans to the movies. He brought along an entire theater worth of Browns fans to join him for a preview of the movie Deep Water Horizon. 

Movies have been a passion for Barnidge since he was a child. 

“Ever since I started watching Goonies it got me into a different reality and got me into an adventurous mode,” the tight end explained.  “It really gave me that escape. It’s an escape from reality. I worry about nothing but the movie.”

The purpose of bringing fans along with him to the theater is about creating the scene that gives the supporting cast a chance to be on set with the stars. 

“They are out there supporting us every game day, giving their heart out to come out and watch us play so why not reward them and spend some time with them,” he explained. 

After his playing days are done, Barnidge wants to become a movie critic