Eddie Robinson, only living Indians player from 1948 team, attends World Series Game 6

Posted at 8:15 PM, Nov 01, 2016

There is only one living player from the 1948 Cleveland Indians World Series team. His name is 95-year-old Eddie Robinson and he will attend Game 6 Tuesday night in Cleveland. 

Robinson, now 95, lives in Texas with his wife.

They don't attend many games these days, but always catch the games on television. 

He was invited to Game 6. 

"I've been pulling for them all year," Robinson told reporters Tuesday. "I was a little worried there, but Francona, I think he did a great job. He should be Manager of the Year, I think.

He also reflected on the 1948 series.

"I remember. Yeah, I drove in the winning run," Robinson said. "It was a great day. We didn't celebrate like they do today. After we won, we went in and changed and got on a train. But once we got on the train, we had a dining car and a club car. That's when the party started."

Last week, Robinson talked to News 5's Meg Shaw. 

He said winning the World Series 68 years ago with the Indians will always stick out in his memory of the game.

"We were up, we were down but we prevailed.”