Indians hit grand slam, 4 more home runs in four innings

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Posted at 8:12 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-15 20:42:19-04

NEW YORK — The Cleveland Indians started their night against the New York Yankees with a bang.

First, Jose Ramirez nailed a grand slam.

Jason Kipnis knocked one out of the park immediately after.

Then it was Roberto Perez's turn to hit a two-run home run.

The Indians finished the first inning with seven runs.

Jose Ramirez came back up to bat at the top of the second inning and didn't think the grand slam was enough, so he hit a two run home run.

In the fourth inning, Carlos Santana realized he hasn't hit a home run yet and joined the club.

Whatever the Indians did before this game they need to do everyday.