Indians ticket buyers warn about websites that may appear to be an official site

Fans thought tickets were from Progressive Field
Posted at 10:48 PM, Oct 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-28 22:48:16-04

The Cleveland Better Business Bureau reports confusion among fans buying Indians tickets, some thought they were dealing directly with Progressive Field, when they were actually buying from a ticket re-seller.

Shelley Storch told News 5 she purchased three Indians tickets from a website that had Progressive Field listed at the top of its web page.

Storch said she was stunned to learn the site was actually a ticket re-seller after a problem came up with her ticket order.

"I felt very deceived, very, very, well deceived," said Storch. "The company was associating themselves with Progressive Field at the top of their website."

"And then I clicked the button and then I got Thursday tickets instead of Sunday tickets."

Storch said she had trouble getting a refund for her tickets and reported the case to the Cleveland Better Business Bureau.

Cleveland BBB President Sue McConnell said it's legal for websites to use the name Progressive Field on their sites and in their search results, so consumers need be extra careful and read all terms.

When running a web search for "Indians tickets," or "Progressive Field," the top search results are often advertisements for ticket re-sellers and not for the Indians or Progressive field.

"These paid results might not be the name of the company you're actually transacting business with," said McConnell.

"World Series Ticket buyers are often in a hurry, so take a deep breath and read the site and web address carefully before you buy."