Indians troll Jose Bautista after he alleges 'circumstances' are against Blue Jays in ALCS

Posted at 10:00 PM, Oct 16, 2016

Remember that time Steph Curry got ejected from Game 6 of the NBA Finals and his wife, Ayesha, took to Twitter to allege that the game was rigged?

Well, it seems we've got a similar situation playing out as the Indians take on the Blue Jays in the American League Championship Series.

Toronto right fielder Jose Bautista apparently thinks a rigged system is to blame for his less-than-perfect performance during the last two games.

According to Bruce Arthur, sports columnist for the Toronto Star, Bautista used the word 'circumstances' to describe the problem.

“I’m having great at-bats,” Bautista reportedly said. “It’s just sometimes the elements and the circumstances that we have to deal with as hitters sometimes doesn’t necessarily go our way. But I’m not trying to really get into that.

“All you have to do is go look at video and try to count the number of pitches they have thrown over the heart of the plate. It hasn’t been many. But they’ve been able to do that because of...the circumstances.”

“That I’m not trying to talk about,” he said. “Because I can’t. That’s for you guys to do, but you don’t really want to talk about it either.”

Well. Sure.

The Indians aren't buying it. In fact, they're firing back.

The team changed its Twitter bio Sunday to read "Official Twitter of the 2016 AL Central champions. We control all of the circumstances. #RallyTogether"


*Insert Kermit drinking tea meme here*